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Classic and CRM come together

25.06.2012, new business: Advertising agency schwarzspringer and
Gerhard Märtterer have founded schwarzspringer direkt

Stuttgart advertising agency schwarzspringer, established in 2007, propagates itself with schwarzspringer direkt GmbH. The new business lists its strengths as being the disciplines of CRM and one-to-one communications in the areas of print, web, mobile and social media. The MD and co-owner is Gerhard Märtterer, 56, who draws on many years of experience at CRM & Co. After stints at agencies such as the TC Group, Ludwigsburg, he went independent and founded the internet agency i-clue. With the rise of digital printing, in 2003, i-clue entered the world of one-to-one direct marketing with the brand AlphaPicture, created by Märtterer. In 2010, this became AlphaPicture GmbH, Frankfurt, which according to its own data is the world market leader for cloud services in the area of one-to-one imaging. Mätterer holds a stake in AlphaPicture. schwarzspringer dirket is responsible for the global sales and marketing activities of AlphaPicture. Märtterer also developed the 'Dialogue in P.I.N.K.!' method, letters which stand for 'personal, individual, natural core message' in German. This method is closely linked with the philosophy of advertising agency schwarzspringer, of anchoring 'the defining image' in the minds of consumers. According to Consulting Manager Stefan Springer, 50, both agencies want to "Send core messages at the right time to the right people in the preferred channels and therefore initiate a dialogue which becomes more and more intense with every impulse." The special know-how of the new business with a team of five that started life in the beginning of June includes the aggregating of selective, individual contents and preferences via CRM and databases, from which Enterprise Communication platforms then create personalised messages. According to the agency, personalized images, personalized videos and personalized maps enable an "attention-grabbing, individual and highly emotional one-to-one form of address". So much for the technology. The most important thing is the orders taken during the start-up phase. In time for the Drupa exhibition, the 'Desktop Dialogue' magazine appeared with a magazine-personalisation. The Märtterer team was responsible for the project (including advertisements), in which with map personalisers Locr and printing network, two launch customers also participated.

Allianz and Kyocera among the start-up customers

Swiss company GMC, which with 300 employees is the biggest software manufacturer in the area of one-to-one document output in the world, is using the new start-up in the context of the market launch of its GMC Analytics product range in Central Europe. Complex case studies and sales supporting measures are being conceptualised for the roll-out. For Kyocera digital printing machines, a one-to-one generator was realised in time for the Drupa, which produced personalised media live at the event, which was printed directly on location and distributed among the visitors. At insurance firm Allianz, test projects for the localisation of the sales communications are now in preparation. Advertising agency schwarzspringer now has a 30 strong staff team. In addition to Managing Partners Springer and Roland Schwarz, 46 (Creation), the executive team also includes Ekkehard Haug, consulting and Martin Klaiber CD. The firms leading existing customers are Daimler, Bonduelle, Bosch, the Ludwigsburger Kreiszeitung newspaper and Picandou cheese. One of the latest new customers is the manufacturer of identity management solutions vps ID systems, which has recently become part of Swedish company Nexus. Another new customer is the Academy of International Accounting, whom schwarzspringer is assisting with its multi-day seminars (brochures, website, advertisements).