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22.06.2009, Kontakter:

Bernd Hummel is giving its shoe brand Kangaroos a makeover. For the first time in the company’s history, it has opted to work with a single agency: Kangaroos aims to become a likeable, lifestyle brand, offering good value for money while remaining on trend. schwarzspringer secured the assignment several weeks ago – after winning a pitch for Pirmasens-based firm Bernd Hummel. The Stuttgart agency is now working on a major campaign, including TV and cinema, print, online, in-store advertising and promotions. The first sales activities publicising the Toggo kids’ summer camp are already underway on TV channel Super-RTL. “We were very taken with schwarzspringer’s integrated concept for consumers and retailers. We have embarked on this new path in our anniversary year, and will continue to follow it in future,” explains Torsten Sereda, who is responsible for marketing for Kangaroos. The brand is turning 30 this year and until now, it had no clear-cut, consistent brand messaging. But in his quest to reinvent Kangaroos as a lifestyle brand, Sereda has entered a long-term agency agreement – for the first time in the company’s history. In the past, Bernd Hummel, which owns the brand, had worked only sporadically with agencies. The focus of the new marketing activities is the well-known and highly popular Kangaroos brand of shoes. But the new image will have an impact on the company’s other products, including Kangaroos-branded sportswear, bags and watches. schwarzspringer boss Springer does not want reveal too much yet, but he says, “The kangaroo logo will play a central role.” The campaign is set to be a blend of real and animated elements that bring the brand to life in a humorous, tongue-in-cheek manner. The first results are expected in 2010.