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15.01.2007, new business: Stefan Springer will join them at a later date.

This time it’s not advertising hotspot Hamburg or creative melting pot Berlin making waves with a brand new agency. It’s Stuttgart – where brand guru Thomas Andresen, 47, and creative thinker Roland Schwarz, 40, founded schwarzspringer Werbeagentur at the beginning of the year. As Schwarz explains, “The location was never an issue. We’d prefer to be one of the frontrunners in Stuttgart than lost among the masses in Hamburg.” And schwarzspringer is already towering above the rest because the team has made the top floor of a highrise its new home. But the crew is not quite complete: Stefan Springer, 45 will round off the trio in the summer. He is currently still contract bound to Wensauer & Partner in Ludwigsburg, where he was managing director.And it was at Wensauer & Partner that Schwarz and Springer met. Schwarz came from Jung von Matt, where he co-founded the Berlin branch JvM/Spree. He masterminded the Deutsche Post World Net campaign for the organisation’s IPO – winning him a Gold Effie award. He has also worked for Audi, Daimler Benz Aerospace, Sparkassen, Wirtschaftswoche, Yello-Strom and Blaupunkt.Andresen, brand expert and consultant, was employed at GfK in the 80s and co-founded Icon Brand Navigation, now Icon Added Value, in the 90s. After Icon was acquired by WPP, Andresen set up his his own business, Markenvorsprung, which is headquartered in Attersee, Austria, and which he continues to run today. Moreover, Andresen is on the supervisory board at a number of organisations, including wine manufacturer Schlumberg, and research institutes.Now, Andresen and Schwarz have joined forces to deliver targeted, out-of-the-ordinary communications. This calls for an in-depth understanding of brands, a thorough knowledge of advertising and its impact, and outstanding execution skills. And as Andresen says: “Based on our extensive expertise, this is exactly what schwarzspringer can offer its clients.”A central mission for schwarzspringer is to capture the defining image of a brand. Because, as the founders explain, a brand will be successful if consumers have a clear picture of it in their minds. In addition to Andresen and Schwarz, the team includes account managers Petra Athen (previously at Athen) and Kerstin Dücker (Leonhardt & Kern SEA), creative director Martin Klaiber (Wensauer & Partner) and designers Sandra Hermann (Wensauer & Partner) and Robert Rosenstock (Schindler Parent & Compagnie).The new agency already has almost 20 employees. And we have learnt that the Voith Group and nappy maker Fixies are very taken with its business model. The Fixies brand has been sold by its owner Paul Hartmann to Novacare, a French manufacturer of nappies and hygiene products. Other potential clients to include a local automotive player (Daimler-Chrysler, perhaps?), a food manufacturer and a financial services provider. schwarzspringer will deliver B2B and B2C communications.The portfolio ranges from TV campaigns, to packaging and brochure design, to promotions. And even though the rumour has not yet been confirmed, we can drop a hint that schwarzspringer is preparing to take over all Fixies’ advertising activities. The brand is currently being relaunched and is planning a new TV campaign. One thing is certain: Fixies can look forward to a rosy future with schwarzspringer – because the agency has picked pink as its corporate colour. This idea was born when all three future partners met for dinner to discuss the initiative. Independently of each other, they each arrived wearing a shirt in a “fresh and optimistic” shade of pink.