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“A method for fully understanding and taking control of your brand
and your communications.”

Jürgen König, CMO, Nexus Technology


“A creative yet down-to-earth partner is exceptionally valuable when
undergoing a process of change.”

Thomas Zorn, Retail Network Development, Mercedes-Benz Cars & CSI


“I was surprised just how much creativity there is within our company.
KoKreation brought it to the fore.“

Werner Schulte, Sales and Marketing Director, Trolli


“A proven method for achieving creativity – a refreshing approach that
stands up to the rigors of the real world.”

Andreas Kuhnle, Marketing Director, Bonduelle Germany

KoKreation – a new idea of

How do you harness the creativity that exists throughout your enterprise – in your marketing department, in your product development team, in your sales organization and on the management board? The answer is simple. By harnessing the power of KoKreation.

With this tried-and-trusted methodology, you and your colleagues can tackle communication projects of any type and scope, and develop comprehensive, compelling answers to your needs. Within three to four months.

Nobody knows more about your brand, your products and your market than you. And it is your expertise that enables brand communications.

schwarzspringer will unlock and nurture your creative ideas, providing expert support and a goal-driven approach that ensure results that are visibly, and audibly, excellent, and geared to your market needs.

The schwarzspringer team employs a robust and proven methodology, comprising dedicated modules. Each module is based around a clearly defined goal and a rigorous review of results.

You will be surprised by the quality of the communications assets we jointly develop – and how nuanced, and compelling they are. You simply need to mine the ideas that already lie buried in your colleagues’ minds.

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